Richie Luna Celebrate Official Music Video/Short movie

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Richie Luna

Richie Luna is an independent Caribbean/Trinidadian artist, here is a short Biography on this upcoming artiste.

Luna is a breakthrough artist, producer and performer to the music industry.

His mission: to spread positive energies and light the way ahead through his music and sound across the world.

Get ready to experience the positive energies, uplifting euphoria and team unity with Richie Lunaʼs breakthrough musical production “Celebrate! – The Peopleʼs Anthem”, which is meant to help us celebrate life, love, unity and sports.

To overcome the forces of darkness, Luna wants everyone to “Celebrate!” this summer and beyond, so that happiness and joy will reign supreme once again.

He wants everyone to believe in themselves, so that each and every person can shine their light through any darkness that may exist in front of them. However, in order to achieve this, we must all truly believe in our individual abilities and as a team so we can unite together as one with a force so positive, so strong, that nothing will be able to stop this celebration.

His Track has since been eared on MTV and has been receiving positive responses on that network. Congratulations have been pouring into the comments section of MTV’s website.

But with all fame and love comes haters. The extended version of the video features a cameo from Trinidad and Tobago legendary carnival mas maker/band leader Peter Minshall. The video which is posted below has been making its rounds on you tube since June 26th 2014 and has over 15, 000.00 views and over 2000 likes.

Few haters have been back and forth with fans on the page but Luna’s you tube views continue to rise and the track, which boost a positive vibe continues to break new barriers.

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