Shell-Down de CHURCH with your Bam Bam!?

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His song was unfortunately the cause of some revelers deciding the bless a church with their Bam Bam, wining, grinding and gyrating, (parents must be so proud) ending in sweat flowing from their bodies and driving straight to Facebook and other social media sites sending fans into a frenzy.
Lets start from the beginning. Point Fortin Borough Day has rapidly become Trinidad’s second carnival. This years celebrations which was suppose to be the largest for the borough had several hiccups and also ended quite abruptly. Though Borough day is long over, its glorious memories continue to live on with countless photos and videos being posted.
According to patrons, the event started late and was forced to a early closure due to an unfortunate incident. The minor set backs did not stop thousands of revelers from parading through the borough for its highly anticipated J’ouvert Celebrations.
In fact it appeared that most of the top bands sold out and delivered just what they promised “a good show.” Though some fetters complained bout finding their desired bands, the others just blended in with others bands and made the best of their moment.
But this photo and video speaks for themselves. These masqueraders couldn’t help but “PRAISE” a nearby church as they made their way through the borough serenaded by the sweet sound of Olatunji’s hit single Bam Bam, check out the footage.
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