Soca need a Bob Marley

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Soca Needs A Bob Marley!!!! Jahhhhh Rasta-fari!

Trinidadian Soca star Machel Montano made this statement during an interview with the Jamaican Observer Newspaper.

In another interview with Splash last week Double M said “T&T needs a Bob Marley, not just in terms of the music but someone who can bring focus and inspiration. 

We need to create something to get the attention of the world,” he continued, “It has always been that catch-22 situation… How do I satisfy my core Soca market at home and in the diaspora, yet appeal to these new markets? That has been the challenge.

The answer lies in carefully dividing my time. Giving the right percentage of my time to develop the international links while staying relevant and successful to fans at home.”

The Soca Music art form has truly been evolving as it has moved from traditional customary styles to an incorporation of reggae, pop, reggaeton etc. artiste keep experimenting with other styels to give the music more international appeal.

Just last week Bunji Garlin’s ‘Differentology’ was released in a Major Lazer remix format and is already becoming an international favorite.


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