Some good news for “Ken Marlon Charles” KMC

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Former Trinidadian Soca artiste KMC’s song titled Forever has made it to BBC 1Xtra in London, that’s amazing news for the artiste.

The 15 year Soca veterans’supporters would remember him from hits such as ”Soca Bashment”, ”Soul on Fire” and “3 Miles”. His Soca continues to be missed however he seems to be doing quite well in his foreign explorations.

Local fans may deem his good news as “bitter sweet” as he may never venture into the Soca arena again. This bit of info was hinted in a post form the artiste via his Facebook page, check out what he had to say in the post dated April 20th 2013:

“I really don’t understand Trini people all the time for 15 years I give them soca although they wasn’t giving me my respect for my contribution, they fight me they didn’t want me to eat no food and u can still see it by their non support of my international venture , they call up my name all over like if I thief or kill somebody when all I do is give my people music and I work very hard but in vain. I moved from that environment to create a better life at peace for myself and now I’m actually feeling like I’m going somewhere, all of a sudden they keep telling me bout doing Soca ,are these people really serious? Come on forward ever backward never”.

May be there was some level of hostility in the artiste, although there are some loyal local fans who supported the artiste no matter what, Trini to de bone, but like the old saying goes “Peter pay for Paul and Paul pay for all”. KMC continues his musical journey abroad and seems to be doing quite well. We at GoddessPromotionsTT are proud of anyone who takes the next step to furthering their career…. Check out the Video for forever

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