Swappi nearly exposed by female patron at fete

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“It Wasn’t Me”

Not the Hit single from Jamaican Artiste Shaggy a few years ago, but it the cry coming from Trinidad Soca Artiste Marvin “Swappi 4D” Davis.

Swappi was almost “exposed” while performing at the Evolve All-Inclusive fete in Chaguanas last Saturday.

The artist, who is currently the highlight of an “indecent exposure” social media rumor was approached by a female fan during his performance. She went up to the artiste and pulled down the zipper of his pants. A shocked Swappi responded: “Nobody could say I pull down my clothes, she pull it down for herself,” and continued his performance.

There were numerous reports on social media last week that Swappi was under investigation for indecent exposure, but the allegation was denied by Island People Mas director Marlon Grant,  acting on Swappi 4D’s behalf.
According to the “rumor the artiste allegedly exposed himself to a female officer and her sister while they were jogging in South Trinidad.” 


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