Terrence Howard has been accused of beating his ex-wife

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Terrence Howard and wife

Wife beater…. not the white sleaveless t-shirt also referred to as a muscle shirt or singlet as described in the Urban Dictionary, but a man who physically abuses his wife. Terrance Howard has been labeled a wife beater by non other than his ex-wife Michelle Ghent.

There was definitely some trouble in paradise as the alleged incident took place while the couple was vacationing in Costa Rica last week. Reports are not yet clear as there seems to be a lot of “He says, She says” involved in the story.

According to TMZ “Sources said an argument erupted and she claims Terrence beat her up.  Terrence claims Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. Police were called and reports were taken. Sources say Terrence made up the mace story to cover his brutality.  Other sources connected to Terrence say Michelle is lying about the actor physically abusing her.
Michelle and Howard were divorced on May 2013 yet still went on the Costa Rica outing together, “Guess love really is blind”.

Reasons some people stay in Abusive relationships 

  • Fear: The individual may be afraid of what will happen if they decide to leave the relationship.
  • Believing Abuse is Normal: If the individual does not know what a healthy relationship looks like, perhaps from growing up in an environment where abuse was common, they may not recognize that their relationship is unhealthy.
  • Embarrassment: It is probably hard the individual to admit that they have been abused. 
  • Low Self-esteem: If the individual’s partner constantly puts them down and blames them for the abuse, it can be easy for them to believe and think that the abuse is their fault.
  • Love: The individual may stay in an abusive relationship hoping that their abuser will change.


Any type of abuse is wrong and must not be taken likely. in some cases the individual committing the act themselves may have been abused in the past and need help to stop the reoccurring cycle. Hopefully the allegations against Howard are false however  if they are true, he should seek help immediately.

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