Terrence Howard kicked out of apartment for unpaid rent

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Terrence Howard mug shot

Terrence Howard just cant seem to keep himself out of trouble these days.

Just last week his ex-wife accused him of beating her up while on vacation now he is being sued by his former landlord. As us Caribbean folks like to say, “He needs a serious bush bath.”

The ‘Iron Man’ actor may not have a house to go to and is also owing on his rent. Here is what went down according to TMZ:

Terrence Howard has been accused of beating his ex-wife

The docs filed in Manhattan state, Howard’s lease on the West Broadway apartment ended back in November, 2012 — but he kept living there until at least May of this year … when he was formally evicted.”

But the landlord wasn’t having that and is now suing Howard for an unspecified amount of unpaid rent and legal fees.

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