That Girl, that Girl Shellian……(you know the rest)

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Women are usually the ones bringing men to court for “Child Maintenance” but when a man does the same people find it funny.

Well Mr. Vegas is laughing all the way to the court because a warrant has been issued for the arrest of his ‘baby mama’…and that’s just the start of the drama.

The warrant was issued to Shellian McBayne after she failed to show up in court for the second consecutive time in their custody trial. Earlier this year the date was rescheduled to April 23rd due to her failure to appear but this time the court isn’t letting it slide again.

According to Mr. Vegas, Bronx County Sheriff currently has a warrant out for her arrest.

“I went to court this morning and she didn’t turn up again so I guess she must know what she is doing. All I am trying to do is fight for the right to be in my daughter’s life. It is what it is because I don’t wish for any mother to be taken away from their kids and to get lock up and stuff like that…I am not going to stop fighting to see my daughter,”

Mr. Vegas told Irie FM.

Mr. Vegas says he has not seen his daughter in over 8 months since his bitter split with Shellian McBayne last year after a cheating scandal.


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