Toni Braxton had a wardrobe malfunction during a performance (video)

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Toni Braxton

Oh no she didn’t, her clothes did literally!

Toni Braxton has made her way onto the list of infamous wardrobe malfunctions during a performance. Heading that list would be Janet Jackson‘s infamous Super Bowl blooper back in 2004.

As if fans are not already accustom to seeing female celebrities showing some skin, after all Rihanna does it from time to time and Lady Gaga went bare while doing a Yoga video about two weeks ago. But what makes this incident bad is that Toni seemed to have no idea about her wardrobe mishap and even brought on male fans to dance with her while it was happening,~hides face~

It took place during a performance on stage Friday night in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Toni’s dress appeared to have a mind of its own and did not want to stay on Ms Braxton’s behind. The piece of garment took a slide all the way off her behind without telling the singer. But she was wearing some sort of (flesh colored) underwear so she was not totally exposed.

One of the fans Toni brought up on stage use his blazer to cover her up while her crew worked on the dress. They eventually took it all the way off while she continued to perform.

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