Top five things to do in the Caribbean, according to international blog

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What would you take back home if you were to travel throughout the Caribbean islands? One thing is for sure, us Caribbean folks would surely take back the local delicacies and in some cases even try to cook it ourselves.

The various beaches are always a plus; even though we are surrounded by water, a new beach is always welcoming. And what about the diverse culture of Caribbean people. Hailing from so many different races, the mix of the people are unique and quite interesting.

Yes all of these thing are nice but what about our international fans? What experiences will they take home from a tropical visit to the Caribbean?

Well Huffingtonpost delivered an interesting article describing their top five opinions. Trinidad and Tobago heads the list.

Check it out:

tribe mas

1. Party Like A Rock Star at Trinidad Carnival

Forget Rio; the real party is in Port-Of-Spain, where more than 200,000 revelers converge each year in a pre-Lenten bacchanal of Soca music, skimpy costumes and glitter galore. And you don’t have to be a Trini to get in on the action, either: Anyone can join a band and parade through the streets during the five-day extravaganza. All you need is the desire to do it, the stamina to survive it, and, for the ladies, the chutzpah to wear that VERY tiny costume. (2014 dates: Feb 28 – Mar 4)

2. Take A Nighttime Submarine Voyage in Grand Cayman
There are submarine tours all over the Caribbean but Grand Cayman is the only destination where you can go deep after dark, no breathing apparatus required.

3. Drink a Pina Colada in the Puerto Rico Bar Where it was Invented
The pina colada was declared the national drink of Puerto Rico in 1978. And there’s no better place to sample one of the rum, coconut and pineapple concoctions than Barrachina, the Old San Juan bar where it was invented back in 1963.

pinia colada

4. Golf with Green Monkeys in Nevis
You don’t need to be a golfer to enjoy 18 holes at the posh Four Seasons Nevis, where a simian troop scampers through the foliage on the Robert Trent Jones II course.

Touch down in St. Bart’s
Sure, you could hop a ferry from neighboring St. Maarten to this French Caribbean idyll, but that would mean missing out on one of the most thrilling (OK, scary) landings this side of Paradise.

Click on the list to get the rest of their listing:

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