Tribe Carnival have launched

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Tribe 2014
Photographer Jtography designer Solange Shaw-Gopaul

Though Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is not until  next year, the major bands have already begun launching. Over the weekend Tribe Carnival launched their Carnival 2014 presentation entitled, Tribe Ten 2014.  The launch was held at the Queens Park Savannah which is home to the actual “Big Stage” where the major judging takes place (hint hint).

Tribe went old school with a hint of modern for this presentations, which fused a traditional Mas Character ie. “Tribal Indian” with a “new school” flare.

But don’t let us burst your bubble, Check out the galleries and book your spot early for Trini mas 2014. There are many bands to choose from, but this may be your chance to play with one of Trinidad’s finest carnival bands.

To all our International fans, Project Runway winner 2011, Anya Ayoung-Chee has a gorgeous section with this band. If you think her work on that show was great check out her carnival section…

anya 2014 section
Photography by Laura Ferreira,
Designer Anya Ayoung-Chee

Goddess Promotoins TT assure you that once you come to Trini for carnival, you will never want to miss another…

Enough chatter, check out Tribe’s Photo Gallery. Click the provided link below:

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