Trinidad calypsonian diss Tommy Lee and Nephew Demon on hit track

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Trini Named ''Nephew Demon'' by Tommy Lee

This commentary was written by one of our fans.

A Trinidadian diss track has been receiving rave reviews internationally and locally.

In his latest calypso Mr.Famous dissed Tommy Lee, Jr.Dillinger, Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and a few other well-known Dancehall acts.  The calypsonian lashed out saying that “the youths nowadays are listening to much dancehall and it’s not good for the culture of Trinidad music.”

“The Artist made statements saying that the youths are worshiping Satan and that they should stop listening to so much dancehall music. If it’s one thing for sure Trinidadian people does not support Tommy Lee Demonic and Gothic  Style of Dancehall. Even his up coming artist who is also a Trinidadian has been mixed in the controversy.  Jr.Dillinger also known as Nephew Demon name has become a ringing bell to the ears of dancehall fans, but back home it is certainly clear that he is not accepted as many Radio DJ’s and Artist has already labeled him a sell out saying he sold out to Tommy Lee and his demonic ways Tommy Lee who has become one of Dancehall.

Wthat are your views?

Below is Mr.Famous controversial track titled, “Play More Local”

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