Trinidad James keeps his name with or without Trinidadians approval!!

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Trinidad James still has the Trini accent and enjoys doubles and chubby. (It’s a trini ting we just love doubles and a lime lol!) . The Trinidad born rapper opened up about his Trini heritage and other things while on a candid interview with Nicholas Williams of Jay-Z’s Life+Time.

The Atlanta rapper said he was going to keep the Trinidad flag and his name without Trinidadians approval as he is doing it for those who care:

“I was going to keep the name and keep the flags in the All Gold Everything video even if no Trinidadians respected what I did,” Trinidad James said. “Because it’s not really to get the approval of the whole world or the whole of Trinidad. It’s just to show the people who care that I respect where I come from.”

Check out the video interview, it’s real intimate:

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