Trinidad mother is reunited with her 5 month old baby after 22 days

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kidnapped baby

In an update to the missing baby article posted yesterday, Theresse Roy is finally reunited with her 5 month old baby boy.

The weeping mother turned to the media yesterday in a desperate effort to get back her baby who was allegedly kidnapped by his father who is a Police Officer. According to reports from local news, the father named, PC Rosales Edwards returned baby Caleb to his mother at a local News House.

The man claimed that Theresse gave their son to him willingly and he was shocked when he saw the news article stating that he had abducted the baby. In his defense he said he has the child’s immunization card and other stuff the mother allegedly gave to him when she handed over Caleb.

Theresse has filed for primary custody of the baby and Edwards has done the same. The couple will meet in court at a later date to handle their custody dispute.

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