Trinidad police man kidnapped five (5) month old baby

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kidnapped baby

A police man has kidnapped his own baby and is currently being sought after by fellow police officers.

A man/baby hunt is now on in Trinidad and Tobago for a police officer who failed to return his five (5) month old baby boy to his mother 22 days ago. Weeping mother of four (4) Thereese Roy, is begging for the safe return of her baby named, Caleb Edwards.

“I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. I tremble a lot. I am worried about his safety and well-being. He is not a well child. He developed a breathing problem and he needs my care,” said Roy.

Roy who resides at of Agostini Settlement reported the incident to the Rio Claro Police Station. A senior officer confirmed that a manhunt is indeed on for the offending officer who is deemed to have abandoned his job.

Roy even called the police officer’s  family members who pleaded with him to return the baby, but he refused. The 31 year old mother said several calls to his phone have gone unanswered. However he communicates with her via text messages, Roy said: “He kept sending messages to me saying that he is a police officer who knows the law and is protected. He said his police friends will not help me and I will not get my child.”

She said a relative spotted the “baby daddy” in Palymra, eating doubles” . He was in the company of a woman who was holding Roy’s baby.

The mother was advised to file for custody of the baby and arrangements were made by social workers and senior police officers for him to return the baby, which he never did. The mother has now turned to the local media for assistance.

Once photos of the culprit are available they would be posted, What are your views on this sensitive topic.


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