Trinidadian Elias Pereira saves Leatherback Sea Turtle (PHOTOS)

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leather back turtle saved

Trinidadian Elias Periera is receiving praise via social media and international websites for his humanitarian work in saving a stranded Leather-back sea turtle. The youngster never knew that his Imgur images would make him into a hero as he was just doing the right thing.

Huffingtonpost reports: “Tuesday on Imgur, wrote that he and his father were walking along Grande Riviere Beach in Trinidad when he saw the gigantic creature disoriented in a storm-created body of water. The mini-lake had pooled at the end of the river, blocking access to the beach. The female leather-back had just laid her eggs and got completely turned around.”

leatherback turtle in river

The 17-year-old jumped in the water to assist the confused creature. His courageous efforts would not go in vain as he used some of his knowledge to lead the turtle out from where she was trapped and back to sea.

Watching turtle return to sea

This is what the aspiring marine biologist wrote on his Imgur wall:                                      “On this beach, there is a river that usually flows into the ocean but due to a recent storm, it had been blocked off and the river ended in a lake type of thing. This turtle had finished laying her eggs and got turned around so instead of her returning to the ocean, she ended up getting caught in the river. There was no one else on the beach except for my mom and I, so I jumped in and tried to guide her out.”

Turtle return to sea

Finally the turtle makes her way back to sea.

Great job Elias Pereira!!!

You can find more photos here:

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