Two bandits shot and killed by police, “was it an execution or just”

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A high speed chase and gun battle between bandits and police has left two bandits dead.

According to Media reports, the incident occurred on March 26th around 10:45 PM. A Claxton Bay, Trinidad man was plying his vehicle to earn some extra cash between Couva to San Fernando when he picked up 4 male passengers.  Upon reaching their destination one of the men pulled out a gun and the other one announced a hold up.

The driver and two other occupants of the car were all robbed of cash, cell phones and other valuables, including the vehicle.

On High alert for the missing car, St Madeleine Police spotted the vehicle speeding north along the Solomon Hochoy Highway. Sirens and flashing lights alighted the highway as the officers raced in hot pursuit of the alleged perpetrators. According to police the bandits fired shots at them during the high speed chase. They eventually ran off the road near Javier Street and were shot by the officers during a heated shootout.They were pronounced dead at the Chaguanas Health Facility.

But as the old saying goes there is always two sides to a story and here is a witness account of the alleged run of the road story which was published in the media. 

A road block at the turn off to Couva Using civilians as the road blocking device 11pm @ night!. My car with a 6 month old baby and a 6 year old little girl was forced to park in the middle of the highway with other cars alongside our car to block the road. The car in question speed past the right side of our car mere inches away… my daughter was sleep on that side of the car. Shots were fired by police, i cant say if the assailants shot first or after or if they shot at all but we heard 2 separate types of gunshots note the police had automatic weapons. We thought our car was hit, I was scared first for my children and husband I felt them to make sure no one was injured. After they all sped away unconcerned for the people they put in the line of fire, my husband got out to see if our car was damaged (we felt it was hit by something), it wasn’t and a man that was in another car made to line up like us expressed how scared he felt. I can tell you all that at that point no policeman was shot. All the policemen that were on the roadways jumped in their vehicles and sped off none caring about the trauma we endured. I accept and thank the police for their swift action but using my family as a shield? we could have been shot by a stray bullet! Doesn’t the TTPS have road block devices such as road spikes? When we left the scene we knew that whoever was in that car was a dead man… I was just waiting to see how long it took to be reported. I am scared in this country, scared of the crime situation.. Lord help us.

If this allegation is true although the bandits were shot and killed, do you think it was warranted for the police to use innocent civilians to carry out their duties and capture or kill the criminals. This story sparks an uproar of comments on social media, some claiming injustice, while other would like to shake the hands of the police on a job well done.

Here is another comment posted to the Wall of C News Facebook page on the same story. 

These ghetto youths don’t have money to buy those big shot guns and to service them with shots is the same politicians bussines men and polices servicing them and when it gets out of control they kill them for them not to talk look how many guns and ammunition they found in the station and nothing comes from it look how many drugs they found in juice cans and nothing comes from it and it can go on and on, cleans up the big fishes and Trinidad would be a better place.

What are your views on these two comments made by individuals on the story in question? What do you think can be done or what international habits can be adopted to help improve the Police Service in Trinidad and Tobago.


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