Uncle Demon aka Tommy Lee don’t believe in Demonds

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Uncle Demon DON’T believe in DEMONS and says he going to Heaven!
In an interview with Anthony Miller of ER ”Uncle Demon” AKA Tommy Lee said he is going to heaven when he dies and he don’t believe in Demons.
When asked about his Demon alter ego this was his response:
“Nothing name demon still and I don’t believe in demon, I don’t believe in religion and those things, I just live my life happy. I know I am going to heaven because I don’t pick up anything from anybody and I don’t give my soul to anyone I keep it.”
He also said that Parents can’t control their children when asked about his “Bad Influence” on his young fans:
“Not even the parents them can control the young people them so they lead themselves a stray. They do what they please because that is the right way of living… I don’t sing for weak people and I don’t sing for cowards. I sing for people who can defend themselves and can defend them country.”

Food for thought, “You can lead a Horse to the River but you can’t make it drink.”

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