Vybes Kartel might be a free man as the persecution’s case against him crumbles

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Who said money cant by you freedom?

Well according to Jamaican police Vybes Kartel bribed a witness with 3 million Jamaican dollars to withhold information from the case. To make matters worse the accusation came directly from this DPP office. This was highlighted as the persecution struggles to locate the main witness who has missed court appearances.

If this keeps up Kartel may be a free man. After five consecutive delays the persecution has yet to try the case and this could be the break Kartel and his team are looking for. Could the video evidence the persecution claims to have be a hoax or fact? Only one way to know.

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According to an Urban Islandz source:

“The prosecution does not have a case against the deejay and are buying time to scramble for evidence.”

The source added:

“They keep talking about evidence, but if there evidence is so strong why not try the case, why all this delay. Clearly they can’t keep their case together because we are demanding the judge release him on bail.”

The source also said Vybz Kartel and his lawyers are confident he will walk free in the end.

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