Vybz Kartel did the nasty with Chuck Fenda’s baby mamma

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vybes kartel

Bacchanal, rumors and conspiracy, these factors are the perfect combination to sum up some celebrities lifestyles especially those in the music industry. This week’s Caribbean rumor victim, who else but the World Boss himself Vybz Kartel. For months the dancehall star’s court case has been the center of attention but this time his promiscuous ways seems to be taking center stage.

Vybz Kartel has been called a weapon trafficker by Jamaican Police

For some time rumors have been circulating claiming that Vybz Kartel had intimate relations with fellow dancehall artist Chuck Fenda’s baby mother name Georgina. The rumor may or may not be true but Kartel’s new single title “Georgina” is turning heads.

You be the judge, listen to the track “Georgina” below:

Urban Islandz sources said there is no real meaning behind the single.

“Its just another Vybz Kartel song so people should not label any meaning to it and stop spread rumors,” the source said.

A source of Chuck Fenda’s baby mother, declined to comment on that issue.

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