Vybz Kartel new song entitled School (audio)

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Vybz Kartel

Could Vybz Kartel be changing his typical Dance-hall lyrical style?

The self-proclaimed world boss released a new track entitled, “School” which boost positive lyrics and a different vibe. From “Barber Boy” to “School” seems to be a welcoming transition.

The track was produced by by Short Boss Muzik.

“So mi seh pull up yo pant’s and put hi pon yo waist
And tuck in yo shirt, and don’t bleach yo face
Inna my days that mi a meditate

So mi study fi di test, mi no procrastinate
Early to school, mi no have time to late
Sit down inna exam, am I the great
Mi no get nothing less than 98
When school door open mi never avoid di gate”

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