Was Machel Montano bullied in school?

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(c) Courtesy the Trinidad Express Newspaper
If you guessed yes, then you are right. The mega Trinidadian Super Star made this revelation recently.
Montano was a guest speaker at the launch of the Anti-Bullying Association of Trinidad and Tobago and its anti-bullying campaign, at the Moruga Secondary School when he made the statement.
He told the pupils that he was bullied in school and was also called “Trophy head” because of his ears. He also left them with some brotherly advice, urging them to be their brother’s keeper and to consider the ramifications of their actions.
Attorney Rondell Donowa who also attended the launch said that if laws are put in place then children of Trinidad and Tobago would be “scared straight” and stop bullying in school. He said the Government should draft a School Anti-Bullying Bill since it would be a “stepping stone in the right direction, as a solution to the problem of indiscipline and crime in schools and the wider society”.
Donowa also mentioned that schools were subjected to the laws of the land and assault, harassment and intimidation were offences which can result in suspension, expulsion or “being brought before the courts of the land and charged with an offence”.
Word on the street however, is that the surge of indiscipline stemmed from some legislation implemented by the current Prime Minister. “In February of 2001, then Education Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar pioneered legislation which led to a ban on corporal punishment in schools.”
Nevertheless the law is the law, and one was banned to implement another which may result in the children going to a detention center, thus exposing them to even more violent children.

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