We Ready! We Ready! Bunji FINALLY releases Differentology’s music video

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bunji garlin
Haters will Hate but supporters will overpower the negative
Its finally here!For months Trinibagonians have been waiting patiently for the music video to compliment the mega hit track from Bunji Garlin‘s Differentology. As with everything new obviously the video is already stirring up a whole heap of comments and mixed views on You Tube, Facebook, Radio etc.
The video had only been released at 6am this morning 17th May 2013.
For those Trinidadians who didn’t know or are too young to remember, back in the early days of carnival Viking Mas ruled the road along with other characters such as Moko Jumbies, Jab Jab, Midnight Robber just to name a few. The Mas art-form is constantly evolving thus has reached this stage of what people call “pretty mas” ( Panty and Bra )
Garlin‘s new video takes Carnival back to the initiation stages with his Viking concept in the beginning of the video along with the mud people representing Jouvert. “Boy did he pull it off.” The interesting thing about this music video is “expect the unexpected” I’m sure people were expecting the video to be about an all out street parade with women dressed in the typical evolved carnival costumes parading through the streets of Trinidad.
However there is much more to carnival than a street party, and Bunji took us back a couple years to remind us where carnival started and where it is now with a clever mix and twist to the story. It’s all about creativity.
The song in itself is creative and the music video is out of the box as it was completely unexpected and different.
The Video fused the old with the new in a different manner just like the song’s name Diferentology
Check out two comments one negative and the other positive found on Youtube:
Negative comment “This video was very disappointing…the execution of the concept left a lot to be desired even though I like the idea…the video doesn’t connect well it just seems to be a bunch of random ideas…this is a song, an epic song that reached to the core of the masses, made us feel to be one with carnival with our culture…planted vibes deep in our soul…the video fails miserably and capturing that imho”
Positive comment:
“Wicked Wicked! Lovin the old time mas and traditional characters representing the reveler of old…transitioning into to modern reveler…and walking away from the perceived battle (having already won) at the end.”
What don’t kill you only makes you stronger, to every negative there is a positive.

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