Why do Women and men stay in relationships with cheating partners

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Why do women and men stay in relationships with cheating partners?

Here is our summary on the issue.

Family Affair

In every family, there are the good the bad and the ugly. No one is perfect, not even famous people because they are just that, “PEOPLE” we are all human and act differently when situations arise.

For example, there are instances on popular reality series were wives and/or husbands catch their significant other cheating/being unfaithful yet remain in the relationship any way. Many individuals wonder why, the answer is simple yet complicated and could be broken down into many different reasons.


Here are a few reason we think women and men remain in relationships with cheating partners:

  • Love: This is the number one reason, indeed this four letter word is quite powerful and as the old saying goes “love is blind.” Sometimes they love their spouse so much that they are willing to accept their cheating ways in the hope that they will eventually change and begin to love them once again.
  • Children: Quite a sensitive topic, there are individuals who would be in relationships and want to leave, but believe in the traditional nuclear family unit of “mother, father and children, living together. There are some parents who live in the same house yet sleep in separate beds or rooms just for the sake of instilling family moral values into their  children’s lives.
  • Forgiveness: As another old saying goes”forgive and forget.” Some individuals have such a big heart that they are willing to forgive their loved one for infidelity and try healing their broken heart by moving forward in their relationship.
  • Financial Dependency: In some relationships, there may be a sole bread winner or one financial provider may earn a larger amount than their significant other. Thus the one who earns more maintains the household financial and the dependent partner remains in the relationship despite the infidelity as they feel they have no choice in the matter as their earnings alone can’t take care of their family. In other instances individuals marry their spouses for financial gain (gold diggers) and are willing to share their significant other for the fear of losing their financial investment (e.g. insurance money, financial benefits, lifestyle, economic status, ect)  if they were to leave the relationship.
  • Psychological: Some individuals grew up in homes where infidelity was a common occurrence and they do not see it as an immediate problem or issue.
  • Fearful: Some individuals are afraid to get out of relationships as they are afraid to start over again,  fearful that no one will love them again, which is why they decide to remain.
  • Insecurities: Some individuals are insecure about themselves in many different ways. Insecure about their bodies, face, personality etc. These individuals tend to remain because they feel as if they can’t do any better or they deserve to be cheated on and treated badly due to that fact that they feel unattractive.
  • Good in Bed: This is self explanatory, There are some individuals who value a healthy intimate lifestyle and when they find that one individual who makes them feel good in bed, they are willing to put up with infidelity or anything else just to keep enjoying their bedroom life.       [wpsr_sharethis]

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