Woman claims she was punched and jaw broken on Lil Wayne / 2 Chainz / T.I. Tour Bus

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Yet another tale of Groupies gone wrong!

What is your opinion on this scenario?

  • Girl meets band member at a concert
  • Band member invites girl to band bus
  • Girl brings friend to bus in true groupie style
  • Band member proceeds to put his hands down groupie’s blouse onto her boob
  • Groupie pushes his hand away

And it went down hill from there as the band member allegedly bitch punched her in the face breaking her jaw in the process. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, there is an ongoing drama regarding the Lil Wayne/2 Chainz/T.I. tour buses.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources, “a female fan says she was invited on board one of the vehicles after the show in Oklahoma City this week, and an entourage member punched her in the face, breaking her jaw.

The alleged attacker isn’t named in the police report, but the victim says her jaw was broken in two places, and the damage is so bad she required surgery to repair it. She says her jaw has to remain wired shut for six weeks while it heals, and she’ll be on a liquid diet for the entire time.”

As the story usually goes, the entourage member was allegedly flirting with her during the concert and invited her to the bus. When she arrived he stuck his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast. The victim claimed she slapped his hand away and he turned around and punched her in the jaw, sending her flying out of the bus door. She subsequently landed on her back on the pavement.

Oklahoma City PD are currently investigating the claim. Meanwhile T.I.’s rep’s said they were not aware of the incident up until news time.


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