Yeezy seems a little bit Un- eezy!

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He may not be the most affectionate when the couple are spotted out in public together. But when it comes to other men getting too close to Kanye West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian, it seems the rapper’s jealous side kicks in.

The 35-year-old looked none to pleased when a friend of the pair planted a kiss on the reality star’s head right in front of him during an outing in New York on Wednesday.

Kanye’s blood looked like it was about to boil as Kim happily obliged, leaning her face and head in for the affectionate greeting. The Touch The Sky star was left scratching his nose and looked extremely uncomfortable as he witnessed the meet and greet.

Kim meanwhile happily lapped up the attention, smiling as she leaned in close to her pal. Sources say we can expect Kanye to drop a few lyrics about this in his next track O_o. Taylor Swift Much??

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